Mission of Prarthana Mandhir

Prarthana Mandhir is the abode of Lord Sree Krishna. The Lord Himself decided to reside in this abode to eradicate the miseries of human beings through prayers. The motive is to relieve the people from distress so that they can lead a happy and prosperous life in this world and render devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sree Krishna in spiritual bliss after their worldly life.

The mission of Prarthana Mandhir is propagation of Krishna Bhakti and Namajabha across the globe. Lord Sree Krishna and His Holy names are not different. Chanting of maha mantra “Govindha” is the most powerful Namajabha in this world. At Prarthana Mandir, the mission of propagating Krishna consciousness across the globe is carried out through prayers, Namajabha (chanting of holy name of Lord Sree Krishna) and food donation (annadhanam).

Food Donation (Annadhanam)

In this Kali-yuga, Namajabha and Annadhanam are the ideal and supreme methods of attaining liberation from the clutches of maya, as it is difficult to practice other prescribed dharmas or rituals perfectly and comprehensively. At Prarthana Mandhir, archarna, aarti, lighting (lighting lamps) and neivedhiyam (practice of offering food to the Supreme Lord) are not conducted. The Lord instructed that anyone who enters or steps into Prarthana Mandhir should be regarded as the Lord Himself. So food offered to them would be similar to performing neivedhiyam. Food donation/Annadhanam (offering food to the devotees) is conducted diligently at Prarthana Mandhir. Food packets are donated to the needy (for example, those in hospitals and also to people who can’t afford it) on a regular basis.