Activities at Prarthana Mandhir

Every week, Thursday and Saturday are exclusively dedicated for prayers and bhajans.



It is a significant day for prayers. The devotees along with the Guruji, Dasan Divianathan recite Thiruppavi and offer prayers to Lord Sree Krishna for salvation. Guruji also delivers a lecture on Naraneeyam, condensed form of Srimad Bhagavatam in a lucid manner. Guruji addresses the problems of the devotee’s and provides solutions to their troubles. The Supreme Lord manifests Himself through the Guruji, to impart ways to solve the devotee's difficulties. According to Hindu scriptures, the prayer meeting is referred to as ‘satsang’ and it is considered to be the most important path towards liberation from material modes of nature.


It is the day, devoted for bhajans. The devotees sing the glories of Lord Sree Krishna and also about other Hindu gods and goddess. Bhajans express our love for the Lord and enable us to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord. It provides us an opportunity to humbly open our feelings and confess our mistakes before the Supreme Lord. We can relish Sree Krishna in every single nerve of our body and heart by singing His praise. Lord Sree Krishna is controlled by devotees love. “Offer your love to Him and experience His beloved presence in your lives”.

Guruji Dasan Divianathan delivers lecture on Bhagavad Gita in a simple and comprehensible way. He also conducts special prayers for the devotees to solve their problems.

Timings for Prarthana

Venue: Prarthana Mandhir

Thursday: 1.30 PM and 7.00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)
Saturday: 6.30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)