Power of Chanting

What is the importance of chanting “Govindha” ?

The Vedas proclaim that chanting of transcendent names of Lord Sree Krishna (Namajabha) is the powerful, best and the only yoga practice for this kali-yuga or dark age of pandemonium. Our spiritual masters have taught us the practice of praising the glories of the Supreme Lord, Sree Krishna by singing and chanting His holy names. Such praise will pacify the mind; purify the heart from lust, anger and greed; solve our worldly problems; cure the disease; and ultimately surcharge the soul with ecstasy.

As the human race is in search of procuring consciousness of the Absolute Truth, Supreme Personality of Godhead, it is the responsibility of all religious sects to teach the simple art of chanting the transcendent names of the Lord Sree Krishna – “Govindha.”  Millions of conditioned souls have been liberated from the clutches of material nature and have attained inconceivable happiness by chanting “Govindha”. Chanting, “Govindha” (three times) is the quickest and easiest way to realize God, the Absolute Truth and to attain perfection in life. It is so simple that even a child can chant “Govindha” and can experience transcendental bliss. The maha-mantra, “Govindha” can be chanted always, irrespective of time, place and work.   

The holy name, “Govindha” of Lord Sree Krishna, the creator and controller of the entire universe, living and non-living things, is infinite and completely transcendental. The holy name of the Lord does not appear to be the same. The total potency of the Lord is compressed and crystallized in this maha mantra, “Govindha.” When we chant “Govindha” continuously, the holy name expands in newer forms, and in flavored features and potencies. It is highly difficult to reveal the boundless glories, power, strength and efficacy of Lord Krishna’s holy name “Govindha” through billions of books and words.

What is the relationship between the Supreme Lord Sree Krishna and chanting “Govindha” jabha?

Lord Krishna’s words, His transcendental name “Govindha” and the Lord are not different; it is omnipotent. Omnipotence means everything relating to Krishna bears similar potency. This is illustrated with an appropriate example. For example, in this material world, if one needs water to quench one’s thirst, simply by repeatedly expressing one’s desire for water, will not satisfy the thirst. It is due to the fact that the word water does not carry the same potency as water itself and we require water as it is. But in the transcendental absolute world, the holy name of Lord Sree Krishna, “Govindha,” holds Krishna’s quality, Krishna’s power, Krishna’s strength, and Krishna’s blessing. As the holy name of the Lord is not a material sound, it quenches our thirst for transcendental bliss. “Govindha” is a spiritual vibration which has the substance and power of Lord Krishna. Further, the holy name of Lord Krishna “Govindha” is a transcendental wish-fulfilling gem. It is the embodiment of all consciousness and sentiments. It is complete and pure. It is ever free, because the holy name of Lord Krishna, “Govindha” and Lord Krishna Himself are one and the same. The holy name of Lord Krishna – “Govindha” is transcendentally blissful and as Lord Krishna is the reservoir of all pleasures, it bestows all spiritual and worldly benedictions. Lord Krishna’s transcendental name “Govindha” is complete and it is not a material name under any condition. It is no less powerful than Lord Krishna Himself, since Lord Krishna’s name is not contaminated by the material qualities and under any circumstance it is not bounded by maya. Lord Sree Krishna’s holy name Govindha is always liberated and spiritual, it is not conditioned by the laws of material nature. This is because the holy name of Lord Krishna, “Govindha” and Lord Krishna Himself are not different.

How does chanting “Govindha” jabha purifies the person who chants and solves the worldly problems?

When we chant “Govindha,” the entire power, potency and blessings of Lord Sree Krishna which is latent, hidden, compressed, and crystallized in the word “Govindha” transits from our tongue to our entire body. Eventually, sins, tribulations, and diseases in our body and soul are burnt with the fire that is hidden in the holy name, “Govindha” (this fire is called “Sree Krishna Agni”) and simultaneously this fire purifies consciousness. At this juncture, the taste for chanting begins to manifest and inclination towards committing sinful activities vanishes, though faint sediment of previous sins linger in the consciousness. However, the residues can be completely removed through continuous chanting and strength of will power.  This is the most powerful prayer over other forms of worship.  “Chanting of Govindha” is the best devotional activity in this fast world, as it is not limited by time, place, dress code, and food habits. It fulfills all our material desires; solves our worldly turmoil (cures our diseases, relieves us from debts); enables us to achieve our ambition; and finally elevates us to the transcendental spiritual world to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sree Krishna in spiritual bliss forever.