Guruji Shri Dasan Divianathan and his wife

About Guruji Shri Dasan Divianathan

A millionaire at North Chennai, India engraved three identical, beautiful statues of Lord Sree Krishna for exporting it to United States of America (USA). However, the millionaire could export only two statues, and the other one stayed back in his garden. Guruji Dasan Divianathan was a trustee in the local Vishnu temple and he used to pass through the millionaire’s house daily, while casting his sight at the Lord. Eventually, the Lord appeared in the dreams of Guruji and expressed His desire to reside at Guruji’s house. Guruji, a law graduate, was an active businessman and he was hesitant to execute the Lord’s desire. Guruji was drawn to Krishna Bhakti at the age of 23, though he was an atheist earlier. Guruji hails from a family which belongs to Siva temple in Kerala, and this temple was constructed by Lord Parasuramar (an incarnation of Lord Sree Krishna). The ancestors of Guruji were initiated by Lord Parasuramar.

The Lord persistently appeared in the dreams of Guruji and emphasized about His desire. Then Guruji prayed to the Lord and requested Him to convey His desire to the millionaire, as Guruji was reluctant to approach the millionaire in this regard. Accordingly, the Lord appeared in the dreams of the millionaire and expressed his desire to reside at Guruji’s house. The millionaire conveyed the Lord’s message to Guruji during a temple function. Following this, Lord Krishna came to Guruji’s house on January 31, 2002. Further, Lord Sree Krishna wanted to leverage Guruji’s place for executing spiritual activities, to which Guruji agreed immediately and whole heartedly. After the Lord’s arrival, the holy place was called “Prarthana Mandhir – abode of Sree Maya Kannan”. Thereupon, prayers, Namajabha, bhajans and food donation (annadhanam) are conducted regularly. Thousands of people have received and are continuing to receive the grace of the Lord at the holy shrine. At Prarthana Mandhir, Guruji executes all the activities strictly under Lord’s instructions.