What is the significance of prayer? Why should I pray?

Prayer is a powerful tool to overcome all our troubles. It is weapon which can be used to fulfill our spiritual as well as materialistic desires. Prayer enables us to revive our hidden relationship with the Supreme Lord Sree Krishna. Prayers express our thoughts and feelings. It is a conversation between the devotee and the Lord, either in a formal or informal manner. There are no hard and fast rules for sharing our feelings and problems with Lord and it depends on the devotee’s attitude. But, a sincere prayer is always answered by the Lord. It is not a time based action, but it is an activity which should be practised daily.

Most of us have the notion that we should approach the Lord only under stressful situations. But, it is a wrong perception. When situations go beyond our control, we rush to the temples and start cursing the Lord for all the dreadful situations. Some of us are curious to know the reasons for praying. The Supreme Lord wants the devotees to spend some time talking to Him. In stressful times, take ample time to discuss all your feelings with the Lord. At the end of the day, He alone can pull you out of drastic situations. In fact, a prayer relaxes our mind and heart and gives us peace and happiness.

Most of us forget to thank the Lord when we are happy. In your happiest moment, just say, ‘Thank you Lord for your love.’ The Lord responds to our love in multitude, just as a friend reciprocates the love we share.

People who cannot visit the temple and offer prayers and for those who are highly stressed, Guruji of Prarthana Mandhir has been instructed by the Lord to offer prayers on behalf of the devotees. The devotees of the holy shrine along with Guruji conduct special prayers for everyone for their betterment. So, if you want us to pray,

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